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What to wear for a photo-session

What to wear for a photo session?What should we wear for a family photo session? The most common question, I am always asked by clients. Selecting outfits can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. Keep it simple Avoid busy or big patterns. We want you to the...

The Fruit Lover

The Fruit LoverThe moment he looked at fruit basket on the countertop, his eyes got filled with joy and that clicked an idea!!!! Idea in a mind of a photographer sitting beside him... fruity pics of this cutie. This is what you do as  a photographer everyday -  get...

Cute Little Boy

Cute Little boyThis cute little boy! Oh me, oh my! With naughty expressions and full of energy all the time, reciting "The green eggs and ham" from Dr. Seuss, would you, could you like green eggs and ham, NO! I do not like them Sam I am... . It was quite a challenge...

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