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RDClicks Photography is a portrait photography studio based in Kamloops. Our family photography Kamloops session is all about capturing beautiful moments between the family members. Therefore, we focus on the family to click the natural boding. As a result, we create the beautiful memories for you via our family photography services.

We are professional photographers and our strength lies in portrait photography, family photography, and children photography.


Family Photography Kamloops – Style

Our photography style is a combination of the classical and the modern. We love the lifestyle, candid images. These photographs sincerely capture and document your family’s true character. On the other hand, we know that most pictures that get printed and hung on the walls are still the classical portraits where everyone looks happily into the lens.

We’ll help you with styling and posing to get these classical portraits, but we’ll also keep an eye open for those candid and lifestyle images. Finally, after the photo session, we’ll use our retouching skills to bring out the beauty out of every photograph.


Family Photography Kamloops

Our Work

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